What’s Titano ERP?

The ERP Titano System is a software for the management of business resources, designed to help companies manage administrative management  in an easy-to-use environment . It includes a complete integration of administrative activities in all its modules: Sales, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Treasury, Assets, Contracts, Projects, Payroll, Accounting and Taxes.


Our ERP Titano system has a powerful data extractor and report generator in XLS and PDF formats.

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Service in the cloud

The ERP Titano System stores all the information in the cloud, granting connectivity from anywhere. It allows to be unconcerned with the necessary IT infrastructure using only your internet browser.

Security of the information

The information is stored in a maximum security data center. It establishes the sessions of the users through channels encrypted by SSL certificates. It has user access control and profile management by group.

User Friendly

The ERP Titano System is friendly and personalized to the user, in  an intuitive environment that allows a quick and easy learning curve. Easy navigation with advanced searches and data filtering.

Data portability

Easy import and export of data in XLS. You can generate report quickly with up-to-date information of any system module in Excel and PDF.

What services and modules does the Titano ERP System offer me?

Titano ERP has complete functionalities that will help the business to have a better control and administration in its resources.

Purchasing module

The purchasing module simplifies the registration of information for purchase decisions, generates purchase orders and the receipt of products and services, making the purchasing process more effective. Manage the application of invoices and credit notes of suppliers. Vendor bills are automatically sent to the payment process, improving the control of accounts payable.

 Automatically generates the accounting policy in detail.


  • Simplify the work of the purchasing staff
  • Simplify the creation of purchase orders
  • Manage product codes and their supplier’s aliases
  • Facilitate access to provider information
  • Supports all types of purchases
  • Improve control in receptions
  • Improve the control of accounts payable and accounting
  • Efficient and timely procurement of purchased items
  • Trade with foreign suppliers

Sales Module

The sales module improves customer service by providing easy access to customer information, price quotes and credit status. Generates sales orders, shipments, invoices and credit notes. Making the sales process more effective.

The Titano software provides customer service representatives with powerful online decision support to enter and track customer orders. It simplifies the maintenance of your records and the analysis of customer orders, helping the representative to provide a high level of customer service.

The customer invoices initiate the collection process automatically, improves the control of accounts receivable and sends a detailed record of the accounting policies.

Capture and maintain information in accounting books, sales, invoices and shipments to analyze customer patterns and payment history. The detailed analysis of gross margins is available at the customer and item level. The sales analysis can be adapted to your evaluation and reporting needs.


  • Make customer service representatives more effective
  • Improve customer service
  • Manage the product catalog
  • Improve control in accounting and accounts receivable
  • Accelerate the generation of orders
  • Integrate shipping documents
  • Increase productivity through automated processing
  • Manage customer quotations, orders, shipments and information of the customer’s products
  • Create electronic documents ready to print if necessary
  • Provides capabilities for international sales
  • Online access of shipments, tracking and history
  • Better management of the sales channel

Accounts Receivables Module

The accounts receivable and billing module of the ERP Titano System improves accuracy and saves time in the processing of accounts receivable to improve your cash flow

Process invoices and customer payments, track current and past due accounts for the balance or for an individual invoice. It results in greater precision in the processing of invoices and payments, the timely publication of customer account statements, better management of customer account inquiries, cash management and better customer collection procedures.


  • Improve accuracy in invoice and payment processing
  • Providing timely account statements of clients
  • Improve the response to customer inquiries
  • Reduce the time to process accounts receivable
  • Improve control of bill receipts

Accounts Payables Module

The accounts payable module of the ERP Titano System simplifies the processing and payment of invoices from suppliers, to save time and improve cash control

Handles in a simple way the invoice process of the supplier from the invoice entry, verification of the same and approval for payment. It allows you to decide on when to pay and what amount to pay.


  • Reduce the time to process accounts payable
  • Improve the control of accounts payable
  • Improve credit control
  • Improve control in accounting
  • Provide flexible payment methods and terms

Treasury Module

The treasury management module of the Titano ERP System provides full visibility of the cash position and facilitates the reconciliation of the account statements with the general ledger, with a powerful breakdown capacity to track treasury transactions.

Allows disbursements of all types that impact the cash position of the company to be reviewed and managed more effectively. Deposits and withdrawals of money update bank balances in real time, and the reconciliation of bank statements is greatly simplified.

Reconcile all the cash activity of the bank statement: withdrawals, deposits, bank charges and commissions. It provides the transfer of funds between banks, creating all the appropriate journal entries. This module provides bank balances in real time. It also provides balances in local and foreign currency.


  • Provide more cash control.
  • Simplify the reconciliation of the bank statement.
  • Allow deepening to track cash transactions
  • Handle all types of cash transactions
  • Helps manage operations in foreign currency

General Accounting Module

The general accounting module provides the financial statements of the transactions created through all Titano ERP modules. The registered multi-analytic information facilitates and simplifies the generation of detailed reports for a correct analysis. It allows the generation of reports of financial statements with budgets and current status.

Titano’s general accounting module is fully integrated with other modules, so financial transactions are created automatically as a result of business activities that occur in other modules. The general accounting module provides an analysis of the financial position of your company generating detailed financial reports. The ability to generate reports gives you great flexibility to design your own financial reports and export them to XLS or PDF format.


  • Chart of accounts configurable by the user
  • Analysis dimensions by cost center, project, business unit, contact, product
  • Integrated with all modules in the Titano ERP application
  • Design of custom reports
  • Compare the real amounts with those of the budget
  • Control open periods
  • Provides accounting capabilities in foreign currency
Titano ERP

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