What is Titano Taxes?

The Titano Tax system is a software to help meet tax obligations in an easy-to-use environment. Includes tools to issue invoice CFDIs, Credit Notes, etc. (electronic documents digitally sealed by the tax authority. Creation of digital archives of Electronic Accounting. Verification of suppliers in blacklists of the tax authority and validation of the CFDIs received.

Tax information vault to protect all accounting and tax documents in one place.

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Service in the cloud

The  Titano System stores all the information in the cloud, granting connectivity from anywhere. It allows to be unconcerned with the necessary IT infrastructure using only your internet browser.

Security of the information


The information is stored in a maximum security data center. It establishes the sessions of the users through channels encrypted by SSL certificates. It has user access control and profile management by group.

User Friendly

The Titano System is friendly and personalized to the user, in  an intuitive environment that allows a quick and easy learning curve. Easy navigation with advanced searches and data filtering.

Data portability

Easy import and export of data in XLS. You can generate report quickly with up-to-date information of any system module in Excel and PDF.

What services and modules does Titano Taxes offer me?

Titano Taxes has full functionalities that help the business to have better control and administration in its resources.

CFDI Administrator

(electronic documents digitally sealed by the tax authority)

CFDIs tax receipts for invoices, credit notes, payment receipts, payroll receipts and withholdings must be electronic in an xml file signed by the tax authority. Titano generates these files and obtains the digital signature from the tax authority.


  • Issuance of electronic invoice (With authority stamp).
  • Invoice for export, Titano includes the incorporation of the foreign trade complement required for export invoices.
  • Electronic Invoice Cancellation.
    • Direct, cancels the electronic invoice by request.
    • By credit note, the cancellation of an operation must cancel the invoice, in general the ERPs cancel the operation by generating a credit note, Titano identifies that it is necessary to cancel the original invoice instead of issuing a credit note .
  • Credit notes
    • Standard (adjustments, discounts, etc.)
    • For cancellation of invoices.
  • Electronic payment receipt, for deposits received from previously generated invoices.
  • Payroll receipts, payroll receipts must be CFDIs with payroll supplement
  • Withholding invoice and payment information, For the concepts of dividends, lease in trust, disposal of shares, non-corporate trust, interest, mortgage interest, payments to foreigners, retirement plans, awards, derivative transactions and financial sector.
  • Verification of CFDIs, Vouchers received from third parties are reviewed as legitimate vouchers and that the issuer is not blacklisted, avoiding the rejection of deductions by the authority.

Electronic Accounting

It is required by the authority to deliver the information recorded in the accounting in xml digital files, it is possible to export the operations from the ERP and subsequently import them into Titano to generate the files, allowing to complement the mandatory missing data in Mexican accounting.


  • Easy import of information
  • Generate digital archive of Account Catalog
  • Generate digital check balance file
  • Generate digital archive of Policies
  • Complement the missing information in the policies directly in Titano (example: incorporate the UUID of the invoices corresponding to the income and expenses recorded, or to the deposits for collections received, etc.)



Supplier Validation

Taxpayers in Mexico can be blacklisted by the tax authority, which puts at risk all the vouchers issued by this provider in the future and even all the vouchers of the past, which generates the rejection of the corresponding deductions, by what is important is his immediate identification to be able to establish the defense before the authority.


  • Blacklisted provider review
  • Review of the authenticity of the CFDIs received by the provider

Tax Information Vault

A single site to protect all the information required and presented to the tax authorities.


  • Safeguard the CFDIs Issued by the company (Invoices, Credit Notes, Receipt of Payments, Payroll Receipts, Withholding Invoice and Payment Information)
  • Safeguard and validate the CFDIs received from third parties (Invoices, Credit Notes, Receipt of Payments, etc.)
  • Work Papers (Coming Soon, Early 2020)
  • Tax Returns filed (Coming Soon, Early 2020)
Titano ERP

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